How Families Can Benefit From Living In Treasure At Tampines

Living in Tampines is a fantastic idea for you and your family because it is quite close to the most important amenities that everyone needs. Even better is the fact that new development, Treasure at Tampines is located in Tampines. So, apart from living in an impressive apartment unit, Tampines itself is a highly suitable location to raise a family. Here are some reasons:

  1. School

You will find different schools for your children no matter their level of education from elementary schools to tertiary institutions. Some of the schools around Treasure at Tampines include Tampines Secondary School, Poi Ching School, St. Hilda’s Secondary School, ITE College East, Temasek Polytechnic and UWCSEA East Campus.

  1. Hospitals

There are numerous hospitals and medical centres in the vicinity of Treasure at Tampines. So, you are guaranteed quality healthcare for yourself and family members.

  1. Banking

For any money-related and banking activity, there are enough ATMs and banks close to Treasure at Tampines.

  1. Shopping

There are numerous supermarkets and shopping centres located in Tampines. So, for your family’s needs, you have easy access to supplies, groceries and all other important things.

  1. Post Office

The presence of a post office makes it easy for you to post your mails and make payments for deliveries. Tampines also has more than one post stations which make things further convenient.

For an area that has existed for some years, numerous developments and improvements have come to Tampines that have made life more convenient for its residents and definitely a place where people with families can grow. You have access to many things within the grounds of your residence or just a few minutes walk. And of course, the Treasure at Tampines’ site plan easily accommodates the presence of families for their convenience.

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