Why To Opt For Fillers In Treating Long-lasting Acne Scars

For some people, acne tends to leave scars on their skin. Fortunately, this may be treated in multiple ways, including the use of facial fillers. Filling depressed scars is a valuable treatment option that is minimally unpleasant, nonsurgical, and offers advantages that will effortlessly last 6 – 12 months, and sometimes, even longer.

So, why choose fillers for acne scars?

Fillers for Acne Scars

By simply filling the deficiencies that cause the indented scars, you will notice that the scars are not as visible. Nose fillers Singapore are minimally invasive and harmless cures that require little to no downtime. When considering their usefulness, this treatment option makes fillers the top preferred acne scar medication. Additionally, it doesn’t require prolonged recovery time that you’ll need for surgical treatment.

Are Dermal fillers good for you?

Dermal fillers include nose fillers Singapore, chin fillers Singapore and under eye fillers. Often used for facial remodeling, this procedure is relatively painless, fast and has minimal downtime.

Not only does nose and chin fillers Singapore add volume in facial remodeling, but this treatment option is also useful in acne scar treatment.

Sometimes, Dermatologists will choose fillers that are collagen-based that will require allergy testing. As an alternative, your doctpr will use fat from other parts of your body to use in this treatment.

Dermal fillers are often best in treating atrophic scars, but most are temporary and will typically last between 6 to 18 months.

Is acne scar treatment painful?

The simple answer is no. Often a numbing cream is used and the treatment is generally less painful than most patients expect.

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