What light-based acne treatment is about and is it safe?

Light and laser-based acne treatments have become a common and effective treatment treating acne since the past few years. Acne scar Singapore invigorates the latest technology of light-based acne treatment. Let’s have a look at the method.

What is light-based acne treatment?

Light or laser-based acne treatment focuses on the topmost layer of your skin and treats acne and pimple scars. With this, the acne tissue breaks and reduces. It also helps to grow new healthy tissues. You can go for Blue, Red, Blue+red, infrared, PDT light therapy according to the texture of your skin.

It is however crucial to remember that laser light treatment doesn’t completely help you get rid of acne and pimples. It helps to reduce or decrease their appearance. It also helps to prevent the pain caused by big acne.

Time-consuming process

This treatment basically takes a lot of time to show the final result. You can see the best result after almost a month or twice. It varies from person to person. Some people have to take a couple of laser light treatment for an effective result, while some a little lesser.

Side effects

There is almost no treatment available without a side effect. In this treatment, redness, itching, burning are the common side effects. But if something major happens to you during this treatment, your dermatologist can help you out.


Aesthetic clinic Singapore offers the most efficient solution to this treatment. However, it is a must to consult with your dermatologist before the treatment.

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