5 Healthy Habits To Get Rid Of Acne Marks At Home

Instead of draining your wallets for expensive acne treatments, the wisest decision is to deal with the issue yourself. Some love and self-care go a long way!

Singaporean Acne Treatment

Nothing treats skin conditions better than the slightest show of care and affection. There are various ways you can treat yourself free of rough acne patches. To keep the pores from blocking up, it is important to clean the face with a soap that doesn’t dry your skin or doesn’t stick into your pores. It is wise to repeat the cleaning process twice or thrice a day. It is important to avoid scrubbing and being gentle with the skin. Also, avoid repetitive cleaning for healthier skin. Hair also plays a great role in your skin condition. Wash your hair regularly if they tend to rapidly get oily. If that’s not applicable, it’s better to keep your hair pinned out of your face to avoid contact. For prepping of the skin, avoid using rubbing alcohols or toners that bring a drying effect to the surface of the skin. Using oil-based cosmetics on acne-prone skin is like adding fuel to the fire. Such products will increase the accumulation of oil on your skin and you will be thrown back to square one in terms of skincare. And most importantly, moisturize your skin regularly!


If you feel comfortable consulting professional help, and prefer to visit aesthetic clinics around you to freshen up your face- that’s entirely up to you. But preventive measures and slight attention by following these basic steps would prove to be as good.

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